Adventure 1: Becoming an Herbivore in a Carnivourous Family

Being raised on a healthy diet by my parents, embracing a healthy lifestyle into my adult years, and trying to provide a healthful environment for own family, I have recently decided to remove meat from my diet.  Not so shocking to those who know me well since I’ve never been a major meat fan (very little red meat in my diet since my childhood, only poultry & fish); yet, in recent research including a thoughtful read of Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet, I decided that I agree that my body is happier when I refrain from eating meat & dairy products.  A couple of years ago, I stopped drinking cow’s milk and saw some improvement in my allergies (specifically, sinus congestion).  Silverstone’s findings about the correlation between health and a plant-based diet is disarming and compelling.  When my daughter started was ready for non-Mommy milk, we opted for organic because of the hormones and antibiotics found in milk.  My son also has allergies that have been more severe than my own practically since birth.  He has been drinking organic cow’s milk.  We have been a dairy-loving family, including yogurt (my daily breakfast) and ice cream, so this journey will not be without some sacrifice for me.  My husband is diabetic and the biggest carnivore of them all.

My Adventure into Vegetarianism (referred to as “Flirting” in The Kind Diet)…perhaps even Veganworld (can I attain “Superhero” status?) will document: 

  • How I involve my family into this decision (do I make a big announcement, explaining to our kids, or do I just casually decrease our meat-fare)? 
  • My Husband’s Acceptance (this will be Big – he finds organic to be a major money-waster and loves meat with great fondness for the red & pink (ham is pink!)
  • Am I able to Stay on Track?  (I do love fish!  Sushi!  Whipped Cream!  Ice Cream!)
  • In timely segments (4 wks, 12 wks, 24 wks, etc), what physiological benefits have I gained (weight loss, healthier)?  Financial benefits (is it cheaper to not buy meat & dairy)?
  • Recipes and anything else I might find of interest!

Learn more about The Kind Diet on Alicia’s website at


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