2010: A Year for “When…”

Another New Year and 2010 sounds so futuristic.  A decade into the new Millenium and my goodness what has happened in the world… in my world.. in 10 short years!  Can you imagine where you were in 2000?  What about yourself has changed?  Remained the same?  I find myself surrounded by the same core group – many of the same friends, same husband (well, only husband!) – but I also feel as though I have just recently embarked on a self-journey.  Most people may do this at 25 – perhaps I’m a late bloomer.  It’s taken me a while to determine what my core beliefs are, my goals and dreams.  Perhaps my dreams and hopes are congruent to my own evolution – they have certainly grown from those of my 25-yr-old self. 

What probably started as some odd superstition about the New Year I have secretly held to in my heart:  What you do and with Whom you spend New Year’s Eve is indicative of Who and What you will be doing throughout the coming year.  So, if you believe this, hopefully you like those you shared your holiday – if not, you have 12 months to make some changes!  I spent my New Years with my own little family of husband, daughter, and son.  My son was off to bed by 9 PM; but, daughter wanted to stay up ALL night – since she was well-behaved, we let her.  This marked this the first year that my husband and I spent a New Year’s Eve with a young one.  We had no idea what to do!  Our own plans to watch something “adult” were thwarted leaving us at a loss.  Bottles of champagne left unopened, the intimate time with husband postponed.  Daughter and I spent the latter part of the evening cuddled watching a triad of music Eve shows – I had my best friend with me and couldn’t have been more comfortable.  The one regret I have is the chasm that was created between Husband and myself during the evening.  Not a fan of pop music, he relegated himself to another TV to enjoy sports and much bubbly.  As a mother of young children, I often find myself making an unconscious choice between Husband and them – as my Mother often did (her choices were not my Father; they are now divorced).  Are my choices then a product of “nurture” or “nature”?  Are they natural to my role as Mother?  I hope that a separation between Husband and Children will not endure throughout the year.  I, too, have behavioral corrections to enact to create more positive outcomes. 

An idiosyncrasy of mine (there are a few) is creating a spontaneous rhyme with the New Year to create my own personal “motto” for the coming year.  Hence, my year of “When…”.  2010 will be my year of no longer saying “when I have time…/ money…/ etc…/ etc…”.  I challenge myself to no longer put my dreams on hold.  Will you?


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