Valentine Party Turned Mosh Pit

I almost declined the invitation to the party scheduled rather late on a recent Thursday night.  Since this was a Valentine’s Party, I decided to brave the cold, dress to impress, and prepare for a late night out.  My date looked dapper in his houndstooth flannel, button-down vest and newsboy cap.  Always well-dressed and with a contagious smile, I happily squeezed his hand as we walked into the main room.  Beautifully decorated for the evening’s theme and packed with partygoers most of whom were already grooving to the electric guitar riff from the hired performer energizing the crowd with upbeat party tunes.  After a bit of dancing and mingling, we enjoyed making our own ice cream sundaes (childhood faves are the latest adult indulgences, don’t you know… who can pass up ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles?  Who?!?).  High on sugar and all things unhealthy, the crowd grew wild as the music grew louder.  I realized, as I stood on the outskirts of the dance floor, that 3 year olds can “mosh” just as wildly as 16 year olds.  My date, my 3 1/2 year old son, grinned wildly as he flung himself into friends, stomped, rammed, then fell on the floor.  He wasn’t alone – his peers, girls and boys under the age of 5, all behaved uniformly.   Discussing with a Mom-friend what we were witnessing, we realized that “sugar” created a similar reaction that alcohol might in older age groups.  Perhaps it isn’t the substance but the environment that creates this rage-like activity:  fun energy, friends, and music.  What a great night!  As the performer, Geoff Johnson, packed up his gear and bode his guests a good night, my son stood at his feet reverently in awe of the stringed “machine” that created such fun.  Gaining Mr. Johnson’s attention, my son ushered a resounding and heartfelt “Thank You!”  for tonight’s performance.  As we headed out, he stopped and offered another “Thank You, Ms. Donna!” to the event’s planner, Ms. Donna, Director and Owner of Child’s Play Learning Center (we are enrolled at the Hickory Road location).  Beaming proudly for my son’s excellent manners, with ballons in tow, we walked hand-in-hand out the door, into our car, to home with a goodnight kiss sure to come.


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