Get-Your-Greens Incredible Hulk Smoothie

This Spring has been quite seasonal with plant sperm blowing like snow on my car windshield, across asphalt plains, and in my open windows.  It has tainted my clothes, made a nest in my hair, and filled my nostrils with yellow dust.  As I suffered through my 3rd sinus infection since January, I found myself with no apetite and feeling energy-deprived in 80+ degree-hot early May weather.  How’s a healthy girl to get her greens without the ability to crunch while simultaneously breathing??  No carrots, barely an apple, deprived of salads, and with a couple of mangoes lying around, I lived off of the following smoothie recipe for at least 7 days.  It was so good!  It filled me with energy and left me feeling satisfied and refreshed.  To get my 3-yr-old to try my bright green concoction, no other name but the “Incredible Hulk” would do.  He loves it!  My finicky 5-yr-old daughter who pushes away most fruits AND veggies drank this heartily!!  Yeah… Score 2 for Mom!!   A week later, I’m back to salads breathing better than ever.  I can’t wait to try my smoothie again while on-the-go with kids, at the pool, whatever.  Try it – it’s a great way for you and kids to get your greens!

Get-Your-Greens Incredible Hulk Smoothie-Shake (recipe makes (1), 8-0z smoothie.  Adjust ingredients accordingly to make more or larger amounts.  Freezes well!).


  • Ice – 4-5 cubes
  • Banana – half or whole (I prefer frozen to yield an icier texture and use only half to lower carbs)
  • Mango – up to 1 cup (fresh/frozen – frozen will make drink icier)
  • Spinach – up to 1 cup fresh leaves (washed & dried)
  • Green tea – up to 3/4 cup cold; or, could use few tsps of Matcha powder
  • **optional** Ice cream/Frozen yogurt/Greek yogurt – up to 1/2 cup (I prefer Soy Vanilla Ice Cream from Trader Joes)
  • Protein Mix – 1-2 scoops (use your favorite brand – I use Nature’s Plus Source of Life Energy Shake full of whole food & vitamins from fruits, veggies with lots of iron, folic acid, B-Vits, etc.)


  1. Throw ice cubes and banana in blender pulsing with Ice-Crusher function.
  2. To ice-y mixture, throw in spinach, mango, and about 1/8 cup of cold green tea.
  3. Blend (try “Shred” function) these ingredients until spinach leaves are completely torn and integrated adding more green tea, as needed (up to 3/4 cup), while blending.  Drink will now be dark green & thick.
  4. Add remainder of green tea (if any remains), ice cream, and protein powder
  5. Blend again briefly, pour into glass, and drink… Mmmm so thick and creamy!  Tastes like a mango-vanilla shake with hints of refreshing cucumber!

Note:  Smoothie ingredients are flexible.  Add more or less, replace other fruits or veggies that you prefer.  Red berries will darken drink to a tan/brown.  Carrots make a good addition, too!


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