A Perspective Change to Pay Forward

My husband, intense, sexy-smart, results-driven Project Manager that he is, recently had a cathartic moment when his repeated grumbling about work issues incited his more mellow colleague to tell him, “Dude, you’re looking at this the wrong way… change your perspective, man.  See, this [vendor/company] is really doing you a favor by….. “.  Grumbling stymied for the moment, my husband spent the rest of the day processing this simple direction.  When I met him at church that evening, he had applied this mantra to various scenarios within few hours.  During a church meeting, our group learned that a perspective change was all that was needed to accommodate a scheduling issue.  Over dinner later, I was promptly informed that my challenges with my children would be solved with a change of perspective.  Still later in the evening, our daughter was instructed to change her perspective when dealing with her younger brother.  And so it went.  The next day at work, I heard myself remind a colleague who felt overworked to change their perspective.  The realization that my husband’s message had been absorbed and passed on by me was not immediate.  Driving later, I realized that  truly “changing perspective” is a great solution for many of life’s problems:  your perception is directly linked with your actions and reactions.  Not to get too philosophical, this mindset, I decided, was the perfect answer to start off 2011.  I went into January seeking a renewed spirit to begin a better year.  My self-centric mindset always puts my issues or struggles at the forefront; but, now I am reminded to look at something from another person’s point of view.  The barista at Starbucks who did not get my order right may have had a rough morning.  The person I’m following too closely on the way because they’re driving below the speed limit while talking on the phone may be hearing some shocking news on the other end.  Who knows what’s going on from the other person’s side?  I will also focus on enjoying the moment a bit more as part of a perspective change.  Instead of concentrating so much on a long to-do list, I need to remember to be grateful for other blessings:  my energetic children are beautiful beyond words, my husband who frustrates me daily is also so very kind and supportive, my job, while demanding, challenges my creativity.  How can you change your perspective – to transform negativity into something positive?  Who knows how long this paradigm will last for me… hopefully, someone will remind me to “change my perspective” if my scowl becomes more commonplace than my smile.


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