Professionally speaking, I am a marketer specializing in helping to “grow” small businesses.  Even as a little girl, though, I dreamed of being a writer.  I have a degree in English Lit from UGA  and have been waiting for a “story” (or, literary inspiration to stream down from the heavens and smack me!) from around the age of 10 or so.  I write with humor, sarcasm (did I really need to say that?), and hopefully what’s viewed as intelligence.  

My personal life is filled with chaos, love, anger, giggles, annoyance, frustration, tickles, and lots and lots of hugs.  Yep, I’m a Mom!  Two little ones (daughter and son) who I love more than anything and find myself so lucky to be their Mom (they’re really the coolest!) but who also drive me insane daily!  My other roles include wife (to include maid services, chef, procurement officer, personal assistant, sex goddess), Friend, Daughter, Sister, and the sliver of the pie that’s left is Me (which I rarely have time for).  When time allows, I enjoy reading, healthy cooking, yoga, watching good movies/TV, being outside in nice weather, shopping, spending time with family that does not involve yelling!

The idea for this blog came about  a couple of years ago after having my 2nd child and realizing that maybe, at 32, it was time to shake some inspiration out of the heavens and make my own dreams happen.  An idea for a novel entitled Adventures in Suburbia actually came  first.  Hopefully, I’ll post excerpts soon.  The storyline is basically a sexier dramatization of the female view of life in affluent suburbs.  Very close friends of mine live intown, some live in my Suburbia, and others in outskirts.  From an scientific POV, I found it interesting to dissect Suburbia and offer the affects one’s location brings to their way of life.  As a reader, I thought it would be a fun read to poke some fun at suburnanites (me included!)….we do tend to scare off intowners (or, ITPs)!

My favorite past time (by default, I guess – the one I make time for since time is scarce) is sitting in front of my computer.  It is a position I’m used to watching letters appear before my eyes, reading about exciting places or news events, purchasing whatever (I love shopping online), connecting with friends (facebook, email, etc), working…. it can all be done in my “office” that includes a comfy chair, a beverage of choice, my desktop and computer screen.  In doing one of a number of online searches (I love food blogs!), I found a blog site chronicling the Top 50 Mom Blogs.  All were devoted to Mommyhood, Craziness of Mommyhood, Diets for Moms, Diets for Kids, Crafts, yada yada.  All of which, as a Mom, is interesting to me; but, what about the Women?  Other than Mommydom, what might inspire or interest this woman who is wonderfully caring, loving, smart, organized (or she wouldn’t have time or resources to write a blog!).  So, why not a blog about the Woman behind the Mom, the Wife, the Friend, the Employee…whatever role we’re assigned as women, we still have an identity beyond that function. 

Therefore, Adventures in Suburbia is about My Adventure, but it can also be about yours just as easily.  From a depersonalized perspective, what is your life adventure (beyond your assigned role)?  I hope you enjoy sharing mine…. I would love to hear about yours!

– Stacey Hyatt


One response to “About

  1. Jeff Kori

    Stacey…..I love your suburbia blog. Was worried at first—thought you were going to say you were giving up drinking but instead just the meat & dairy. Delightfully well written and oh so witty….love it all the way around. Your descriptions are perfect. Had me laughing as I read your introduction—that is great. will see you all tonight but I will be silent as a mouse since I was cheering a bit too hard during Saturday’s football games—–lost my voice and now sound much more like Kim Carnes singing “she’s got bette davis eyes”….but since I am not the writer of a great tune(like Kim)….I will have to settle for being a guy with a hoarse voice for a few days.

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