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“A Mother’s Arms”… in verse

As I was driving the other day with my two children, an experience that is never quiet or still, I reached behind me to hand or remove something from my 3-yr-old’s grasp while keeping my eyes and wheels on the road.  My young daughter, sitting shotgun during a rare moment, wondered in amazement how I could reach so far behind me.  Her amazement instantly brought recognition of mine – and all mother’s – amazing abilities and wondrous transformations.  In this instant, flashes of my pre-Mom self ran through my mind especially the curvy, soft limbs indicative of relaxation and calmness (activities I yearn for but am rarely allowed).  During this awareness of my physical and emotional changes – nee growth – during these few years of motherhood, the following verses came to mind…

A Mother’s Arms

Enclosed and protective

Like feathered wings

Strong and mighty

Warmly loving

Tender and safe.

A Mother’s arms

Always reaching

Stretching, pulling, shielding –

Always equal to

More than enough.

Sinewy muscled;

Softly slender before.

A Mother’s arms


Youthful girl gone

No longer caressing

Flesh to flesh entwined.

Loving, yielding

Yet able

To disarm

Carry, remove.

Long and languid

Always loving


Safe and warm.

Strong arms of motherhood –

A child’s home.


Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy every adventure your life brings.


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Parental Truths

While compiling a list of parenting objectives for our group parenting class at church, it struck me that the traits I hope to teach my children were the ones in which I need to improve upon myself!  Imagine that… I expect a person 30+ years younger to behave better than I do!  My mental conundrum lead me to explore how I could teach tolerance and selflessness when I am materialistic and self-indulgent (case in point could be the new designer handbag and spa day I’m craving despite the fact that some people in our community are struggling with daily necessities!).  How do I expect my 5-year old not to scream, whine, or complain when she hears her mother perform those same acts (more frequently than she should hear, I might add…)?  While I do harbor guilt for my shortcomings, I do know that I am a good mother most of the time; still, I am just learning (at 35) what should have been obvious:  I am a role model for my children.  Not only a caretaker or someone to instill order during chaos, I am also in charge of modeling the same behavior I want to achieve from them.  Just as in any profession, to achieve the desired result, I must put forth the necessary effort, preparation, and knowledge.  I am learning to become a better person by working toward being a better parent.  Our small class group has recently discussed the reasons why we parent – perhaps God allows us this blessed role so that we can become our best selves.

Parenting is an unending challenge and adventure… but so is being a Mother, Wife, as well as my best Self.

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